this life is prettier with you {week 9}

This week was better! Thank goodness, I had more focus. So my kids love our big front porch. They do everything out there…color, eat, play, scooter, anything really. On this particular day, they were making artwork out there in hopes they could sell it to people walking by on the street….kind of like a lemonade stand, but more sophisticated…an art gallery! I got suckered into paying $5 for a “rare piece”. LOL! We had a VERY rainy Saturday as you can see below, so we ended up at the bowling alley and ran into friends there and had so much fun! Now, we are gearing up for our spring break this week! So I will have lots of extra time with these 2 munchkins, which means more photos! Maybe I will do a super sized blog post next week:)










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