this life is prettier with you {week 8}

Well, to be honest…I really kind of sucked at this project this week. I had so much stuff going on (mom in town, fun playdate with some photographers, friend’s birthday, maroon 5 concert, vet visit…I could go on..) The week flew by, and I had a few measly old photos I snapped quickly one day when I realized I hadn’t even picked up my camera in 4 days…oooops. Well, it happens, and I’m not going to stress about it! So here’s some VERY random shots of my week:) My personal fave is the close up of Tommy…you can just hear him if you listen closely…”nooooo more pictures Mom” in an exasperated voice. Hopefully I have more focus this coming week and can get motivated again…because I know I will absolutely love all these pictures when I compile them in 1 place at the end of the year. I think I might do an album of all of them. Could you imagine if we all did this for our kids every year? 1 photo a day, 1 album per year of each photo. You would literally be retelling their whole life story to them. We forget so much about when we were kids. How much do you remember?? I hope this helps them remember so much more about being little & carefree!!!! 🙂












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