this life is prettier with you {week 5}

This week was fairly uneventful (but relaxing!). You’ll now notice that my kids (& Emma’s best friend who lives across the street) spend a lot of time outside in the front of our house. It’s like our own private security team always on duty! 🙂 If you ever drive by our house on the weekends, the guards are almost always out there…including our guard dog, who will welcome any stranger with smile:) they also strike up conversation with anyone walking by on the road. It’s pretty cute actually.

Emma and her friend are soooo sweet. Remember your 1st best friend?? You can’t get enough. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is not enough time together. A sleepover every other weekend is just not enough! I remember how fun it is to have a best friend at that age. Adorable.

Here’s a peek inside our week!





This one here…you can just hear them “Mom, we’re bored!!!” ha!



Our poor dog…all I can say is that he is SO loved!! This photo makes me truly laugh out loud every time I see it. Nole is like, helpppp! hehe



“I’m going to hide inside until Mama puts her camera away….” 🙂



Every night at bedtime:)






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