this life is prettier with you {week 4}

Happy Friday! Here I am in week 4 of this project. It’s harder than I thought it was going to be. Life gets so busy, and sometimes the kids don’t get home till dinner, and I feel like I don’t have a lot of opportunity to take pictures in those few hours of crazy where it’s making dinner, doing homework, reading, getting ready for bed & then the BIG task of wrangling these 2 to actually! And then of course, I really want to take photos when it’s bright outside and I have good light. I’m trying to let go of the need to have “perfect” photos in my project. Sometimes that means me taking photos in bad light and not ideal conditions. And sometimes that means you get to see a couple pictures from the same day, and I just didn’t make it happen 1 day! :/

I’m glad I was able to catch one here of Emma on her microphone. This was 1 of her favorite xmas presents. She has a karaoke app that gives her the words, and she sings and the app gives her a score of how well she did. I must be honest…her singing is..well…just awful! haha! But it absolutely makes me smile! 🙂 She didn’t have a great Saturday last weekend. It was just ONE of those days. Her app wasn’t working right; her toy broke; her best friend wasn’t available to play; she didn’t feel good; she was in a funk! And then hours later when her friend was finally able to play, she runs outside to meet her, trips on the dog’s leash and totally scuffs up her knee…awww poor girl…thus the SAD face picture! But she’s resilient and you can see here that she’s an AWESOME snuggler:)

In other news, you saw last week that Tommy had mastered no training wheels, and Ben promised each child a brand new fancy bike once they could ride with no training wheels. Well, the big fancy bike arrived this week, and it went out on its maiden voyage this morning to school! This was the obligatory “Tommy! Smile with your new bike” picture! HA!! And then there’s the whole crew ready to walk/bike to school!

Thanks for checking out my project! Here’s a peek inside our week.


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