this life is prettier with you {week 12}

I was so busy with work this week, I slacked a bit on my project. I definitely have easy weeks where I have a bunch of photos to choose from, and then I have weeks like this where I only came up with 6:/ But I’m happy I still have these 6:)

It was the book fair this week at school, and Minecraft books were the only thing that made it home. Who else has kids who are obsessed with Minecraft?! I don’t even get it really! haha! Makes me feel old:/

Emma really likes learning cursive at school. She wanted to show me all the letters she learned already. With this huge digital age, I’m actually surprised they still teach it!

And of course, a week doesn’t go by without puppy snuggles, the tire swing & picnics on the front porch:)









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