this life is prettier with you {week 6}

This week was filled with ups & downs…as always. My little buddy was under the weather for a couple days….that means extra snuggling for me:) At one point, he says “can I lay outside on the porch and watch Emma play outside?” Awwww

Our neighbor, the strawberry grower, brought us a big flat of HUGE strawberries, so we’ve been adding them in oatmeal, making smoothies and of course, strawberry shortcake! With whipped cream of course….Emma’s favorite part:)

We worked on our valentines for school. Star Wars valentines for Tommy’s classmates & puppy & kitten valentines for Emma’s classmates. Tommy got a special box of chocolates for his best girlfriend in his class and put heart stickers on her card. He’s so enamored with her and still talks about her every day. We also got valentines packages in the mail from Grandma. Big packages to rip open are always so fun!

Today was the big Valentines Day at school. We had a rough morning. I got this 1 single photo of them holding all their goodies and ready to go to school…and then moments later, Emma dropped her teacher’s present…it was ceramic…it shattered all over the porch, and the tears were flowing. She was SO sad. So back to Target I went to get another Valentines present. Maybe I can get a photo of my babies in their Valentines Day outfits later or tomorrow:/  That’s the way it goes sometimes, right?!

I hope everyone enjoys the Valentines weekend with your loves!

Here’s a peek inside our week!










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