this life is prettier with you {week 3}

Hey all!

So my kids are really into making “potions” right now…you know, they get a cup, and they put in anything they can find & stir it around:) It usually consists of my expensive hand soap :/ , toothpaste, juice, water, milk, dirt, worms, whatever they fancy really! Well, Tommy’s BFF (“girlfriend”) was coming over to play so we decided to making an edible potion! They used gatorade, strawberry milk powder, chocolate chips, peppermint extract, sprinkles, cherries & food coloring. They did lots of mixing and then they tasted it…the consensus was “grosssss!” 🙂 We also had a lot of relaxing going on over the long weekend, a little 3 way minecraft with friends, and we even went to the movies.

Here’s a peek inside our week:









Thanks for visiting! Did you get your camera out this week? Don’t let weeks or months go by. They’re changing constantly. Document today:)



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