this life is prettier with you

I really love when I get the opportunity to work on something just for fun. As a busy photographer, I am almost never caught up on my sessions, which means, I don’t have a lot of time to shoot just for me. Each year, I have certain goals in mind that I want to accomplish that year. This year, 1 of my goals is to document the everyday beauty in my own life. Sure, I do the occasional instagram pics or iPhone snapshots, but I hardly ever pull out my big camera in my own home. You’d think a photographer would have a million more photos of their own kids, but that’s not always the case. I’ve always loved the idea of doing a 365 project…you know, 1 photo a day for the whole year, and I’ve tried the last couple years to follow others in a group 365 project where there’s themes & goals for each week, and I never finish…in fact, I usually don’t even make it past the 1st month! :/ I decided this year, I’m just doing it for me. No group, no theme, no goal, no one waiting on me for my contribution to the project. My only goal is 7 photos per week of my own family, my own beauty, my own home. Come on this journey with me as I share it each week.  #thislifeisprettierwithyou

Here’s my 1st week:










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