Clearwater Beach Family Portrait Session: The B Family!

This will definitely go down as one of the best beach sessions ever! We have some pretty amazing sunsets here in FL, but this one was special. It was like the perfect storm: stunning sunset, beautiful family and SUPER cooperative kids! What’s funny about this is that we were THIS close to canceling the session! An hour before these photos were taken, it was a big storm…thunder, lightning & pouring down rain! I live about an hour from the beach. The B Family was here visiting from Kansas, and I know they hadn’t envisioned dreary wet beach photos! But the storm had been going on for awhile at that point already, so I said…let me just get in the car and start driving and let’s see what happens. Ten minutes before I get to the beach, the rain stops, the sun starts peaking out from the clouds, and the most peaceful gorgeous evening laid out in front of us. It was seriously magical. And I am so happy we didn’t give up on this night! Thank you so much B Family for asking me to do these photos. I loved meeting you guys. You were so much fun!


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