this life is prettier with you {week 11}

So we spent the tail end of our spring break camping at Lithia Springs with our family. Good grief, I needed another week of spring break after going camping to recover! Lithia Springs was pretty cool though! The kids went swimming in the spring. They sat at the campsite and ate chips and played on their iPad. It was 100% true “roughing it”…haha! I was so happy to come home!

We are getting back into the swing of things at school this week and just relaxed around the house. The kids played outside in the nice weather, taught the dog to dance (ha!) & were keeping secrets from Mama:)

One thing I’m starting to notice with this project is that my kids are less distracted by my camera. A couple mos ago, every time I got the camera out, they would start running in the other direction yelling “nooooo!”. But now they are used to it being out more and they’re going about their activities more, which is what I ultimately wanted. There’s still some arm twisting here and there, but we’re getting there! 🙂

Here’s a peek inside our week!












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